Mission Lexington Medical Clinic

  • 1393 Trent Blvd
  • Lexington, KY - 40508
  • p: 859-272-0219

Mission Lexington Medical Clinic is a medical clinic in Lexington, KY providing services to the community. Contact this clinic directly if to make an appointment or for further information.

Mission Lexington Medical Clinic offers medical, Dental, pharmacy and Vision services. This is a free clinic serving uninsured working adults in Fayette County, Kentucky who earn no more than 185% of the federal poverty level.

Mission Statement

Mission Lexington is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian ministry that provides charitable, educational, social, and community services. We offer free medical and dental care, along with other activities and goods to Lexington families in need.

(from the Mission Lexington Medical Clinic website)

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